Brothers Protecting Children (Brothers for Life module on child sexual abuse)

Children in South Africa are vulnerable for a wide range of reasons. CADRE wrote a module about child sexual abuse (CSA) that forms part of a toolkit of the national men’s campaign, Brothers for Life. The module is designed for anyone who would like to learn some basic information about child sexual abuse.

The module summarises some of CADRE’s research into the links between child sexual abuse and HIV in simple, accessible language. It also presents clear information about some of the reasons why children are at risk in South Africa and what can be done to protect children against violence and sexual abuse. 

This module includes information about: types and consequences of child abuse, myths about child abuse, how to recognise signs of sexual abuse, information about sexual abuse of boys, links between HIV and CSA, what South African law says about CSA, and what the procedures are with regards to reporting abuse to the police, medical examinations, and testifying in court.

Date Published

2011 Aug 2


Carol Bower, Helen Hajiyiannis, & Laura Myers