'4Play: Sex Tips for Girls' DVD discussion guide

4Play: Sex Tips for Girls is a 26-part television drama series broadcast on South Africa’s free to air channel, eTV. The television drama series focuses on the lives of four thirty-something friends who negotiate the ups and downs of sex, love and relationships.

This guide and the accompanying DVD form part of a strategy to broaden the reach of 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls to non-broadcast environments. The guide provides visual material to facilitate discussion, reflection, debate and learning.  It provides educational content and discussion questions to help facilitators lead discussion sessions with people who have watched the 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls DVD thematic compilations. The guide presents four key themes from the first series of 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls: HIV counselling and testing, gender-based violence, tuberculosis  and HIV, and HIV prevention.

Date Published

2011 Sep 1


Helen Hajiyiannis and Laura Myers

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