HIV positive leadership and entertainment-education within South African higher education: DramAidE’s Health Promoters programme

When the DramAidE Health Promoters programme was first established in 2002, little was being done within the South African tertiary sector to systematically address HIV and AIDS prevention and cater to the care and support needs of HIV positive staff. This project addressed that gap by supporting the development of campus HIV and AIDS programmes, including peer education.The programme employs HIV positive young people who are open about their HIV status to use participatory methodologies to raise awareness on campuses about HIV prevention, stigma reduction, HIV testing and positive living.This research documents the programme's long-term achievements, contribution to the higher education sector and the opportunities and challenges of having an external NGO provide such services within university contexts.5th International Entertainment Education Conference, 17-20 November 2011 [poster]

Date Published

2011 Nov 17


Laura Myers

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