1. Conversations: HIV and the Family
    2006. Gisele Wulfsohn, Betsi Pendry & Maren Bodenstein
  2. Positive Families. Article in Femina Magazine, December 2006
    2006. Betsi Pendry and Maren Bodenstein
    Download (2.0MB)
  3. Living openly: Stories and images of HIV positive South Africans.
    2000. Giséle Wulfsohn and Susan Fox
    Download (1.9MB )

Related Publications:

  1. The AIDS memorial quilt: Panels in memory of South Africans who have died of AIDS. 2000
    Beyond Awareness Campaign
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  2. The South African AIDS memorial quilt handbook.
    Beyond Awareness Campaign.
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  3. The South African AIDS memorial quilt project. An Evaluation of Phase one.
    Louise Bourgault
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  4. AIDS Mural Project. AIDS Mural handbook
    Beyond Awareness Campaign
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  5. Evaluation of the AIDS Mural Project
    Louise Bourgault
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